Golden shower

Prejudices and standards of decency often prevent to receive an orgasm. People hesitate of the obscene desires. They are afraid to look a pervert in the opinion of the partner. Erotic imaginations of some men can shock the girlfriend, but not the prostitute. In Krasnodar there live relaxed whores who without problems carry out delivery of a golden shower at the request of clients. This show excites many men, but most of women hesitate to be engaged in it publicly.


You will be able to find shameless maidens on the website DarSex. You will be able to look at their candid photo and to choose the girl with the most beautiful hips and a cat. You should not force the girlfriend to urinate on you. Decent girls do it in a toilet without public eyes. It is better to address professionals who have no taboo in sex. The chosen prostitute should report about desire to receive this service in advance. The girl will be prepared for such extreme entertainments. To make urine of more transparent and to beat off a smell, it is necessary to drink more mineral water, pineapple juice and some days before sex to exclude proteinaceous products, nuts, an asparagus from a diet.


Pleasure for true judges


Not each man will like such entertainment. But if there is a wish to try BDSM, to meet imperious madam, you dream to suffer indignity, then such show will be very exciting. Someone prefers to look only at a golden shower, and someone dreams to get under it and even to try magic nectar. It is one of the most ambiguous sexual services which will be to the taste not to everyone. But fans of a golden shower note:


  • Such entertainment allows to feel taste of the woman;
  • The feeling of full humiliation very much excites;
  • The sexual contact after a golden shower becomes hotter, and an orgasm strong.


Sweet extreme


Many men did not see how the urination at women is carried out. The type of a fervent stream strongly excites them. The professional will be able to add to this entertainment a savor. It is the best of all to be engaged in it in a jacuzzi or in soul. You will be able to look at a golden shower, to hold up under it a body, a face or to taste it. If to be engaged in it in a bathroom, process will be hygienic, right after viewing of a show it is possible to take a shower. The real gourmets like to combine this process with a cunnilingus. They lick the whore's cat, collecting her juice to a last straw.