Intimate lounges

  • In' Yan'

    г. Краснодар, ФМР, ул. Тургенева 140/1
    от 3500 руб. за час

    Salon "Yin Yan" offers all clients to plunge into the world of full relaxation. Dreaming about erotic massage? Feel free to come to us, o...

  • Bordo

    ул. Филатова 57
    от 2000 руб. за час

    In the salon "Bordeaux" you can feel a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. We try to meet every customer with joy. Come on an erotic massag...


    ул. Ким, 155
    от 2900 руб. за час

    In the salon "FEROMON" you can quickly find a source of satisfaction for yourself. Our professional masseuses will cheer you up, pick up ...

  • Bounty

    ул.: Красноармейская, 57
    от 2000 руб. за час

    Dear men, the salon "Bounty" with great joy invites you to the full services of erotic massage, which are provided by our professional la...

  • Eliksir

    пр. Чекистов 20
    от 1500 руб. за час

    In the salon "Elixir" you can really feel the maximum bliss. Our masseuses can very quickly relax you, pick your own approach. All our cu...


    ул. Красноармейская, 100
    от 3500 руб. за час

    In the salon "Malika" every man can find a service for himself. We provide erotic massage services. We have the most responsible and beau...

  • Relax

    от 2500 руб. за час

    Only now the Relax salon offers all men to relax, forget about all the problems. We have the sexiest, charismatic and lovely ladies who a...

  • Chio

    ул. Алма-Атинская, 57

    If you do not have enough relaxation, be sure to visit the "Cio" salon. Our professional masseuses will be able to make you a pleasant ma...

  • Tsarevnyi

    ул.Мачуги, 106
    от 3000 руб. за час

    In the "Tsarevny" salon there is always a calm, pleasant atmosphere, new emotions. Dear men, be sure to visit our massage parlor. Profess...

  • Dikaya Orhideya

    ул.Кубанская набережная, 172/1
    от 3000 руб. за час

    Our "Wild Orchid" salon is open for you around the clock. Come for a dose of relaxation. Our professional girls will be able to meet all ...

  • Dzhakomo Kazanova

    ул. Кожевенная, 97
    от 3000 руб. за час

    Massage salon "Giacomo Casanova" is a find for men who constantly complain about fatigue, loneliness and lack of time to look for a girl....

  • DeLight

    г.Краснодар, ул.Жлобы 119

    Come to the massage parlor DeLight. Only here you will be met by experienced and beautiful girls who have all the secrets and skills in r...

  • Cherri Spa

    ул. Московская, 124/1
    от 2000 руб. за час

    Salon "Cherry Spa" is a beauty, an orgasm, satisfaction and professionalism. If you want to spend a great time, be sure to choose our gir...


    Павлова, 26
    от 1800 р. за час

    Massage salon "STRAWBERRY" is a find for men who get tired at work and require erotic massage. Come to us, our professionals will be able...


Krasnodar - one of the hottest cities in Russia. But this matter is not only a very warm climate, and charming girls, the beauty of which can melt even the coldest heart. The most beautiful of them are willing to spend their free time with a man who lacks feminine tenderness and affection. Because of the constant stress and hard work he may lose not only the mood, but the craving for sex, what will happen if he is in the company of nymphs, ready to fulfill all his desires.


Beauty salon with experience knows how to give a man a maximum of pleasure. The course is not just sex itself, but also massages, exciting dance and other special services that complement each other and bring the highest pleasure. This ability to have a specialist and others that relate to individual organizations, but the girls from the sex parlors have several advantages:


  • Anonymity. No one will ever know that you have visited in her arms, as your relative silence is a guarantee of confidentiality.
  • Price. The price for the service is assigned individually, and most of it is readily available
  • The high quality of services. Cabin ladies have a lot of experience, which makes them open to experimentation and the most common desires of our customers in their performance delights customers.
  • Additional services. Most girls love to work in pairs, which will double the pleasure of your holiday
  • Atmospheric. Nymphs work exclusively in the cabin, but still guarantee the peace of mind during your stay. Nobody will bother you and do not tear from the process.