Intimate massage for you!


You want something new in your leisure? I never heard of erotic massage? Or I heard, but something prevented a try? Come on and choose the whore and directory service in Krasnodar. No, this is not just a massage. This fiery and relaxing vacation. Running a professional massage in view of everyone, even the most exotic wishes of the client. Do not confuse it with the services of classical massage, it is quite different sensations and experiences.


What is included in the service?


Are you still thinking? And someone has already enjoying the relaxation:


  • General relaxing massage will allow to shake off shoulder severity of everyday life;
  • Foreplay in the form of massage erogenous zones will allow to experience the unforgettable emotions, learn more about erogenous stimulation;
  • Massage breasts with his feet - extras that can make a vacation exclusive;
  • Massage anal, it has its highlights, known only by experienced masseuses;
  • Prostate massage and stimulation of the penis - the apogee of pleasure to be at the customer's request orgasm.


How long can you enjoy the service? Nothing restrains the imagination, except for rest periods selected. Once tasted, customers are turning to the site again and again. There is no limit to the number of sessions of erotic massage, there is only the possibility to have fun now.