Intim map

You can find girls on the map

By clicking the marker you can get more information

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Long ago there were no sexual relations? You do not know what to do? The best exit from this situation - the order of maidens who just are intolerable to give you extraterrestrial pleasure with desire. If we interested you, then read up this article up to the end!


If you at the moment are already engaged in the choice of the suitable loose woman in the city of Krasnodar, then you should visit the site There you will be able to find detailed information on courtesans, about their arrangement in concrete areas and many other things.


It is the best of all to begin acquaintance to the website with the intimacy map. There you will find the mass of useful information. The map is allocated with exact and informative tools which will help to understand quickly "that to what" and to start the most important action - the choice of the beauty for the sexual relations.


The section " Intimacy map" is presented in form directly map, but in the reduced option. It comprises a number of pictograms which designation is deciphered below:


Technical designations on the map:


  • The red marker on the map allocated Individuals - the girls working for themselves;
  • The salons providing service intim are designated by green color.
  • It should be noted that regardless of color of a marker (from working conditions of courtesans), you receive the mass of unforgettable and inexpressible feelings.
  • Having clicked on the necessary marker, you obtain detailed information on girls, about the ordered services, get access to a contact information and to many other;
  • In the left top corner the toddler of scale is located. There you will be able to regulate the map size for more convenient use and orientation on significant areas;
  • Above the regulator of scale there is a toolbar for interaction with objects on the map: there you will be able to change the map size more pointwise and to measure distance to the necessary purpose. All this will promote more rational and competent studying of the chosen area;
  • There is a possibility of change of a type of display of the chosen site: the mode of the scheme, the satellite or their association - a hybrid.


Such approach considerably will reduce the spent time for search of the necessary information. All loose women are located in the central regions of Krasnodar therefore it is possible to reach them. Transport should be chosen proceeding from cartographical data.