Terms of service

Terms of service for visitors of the project

  • This website carries out exclusively advertizing activity. The administration of the website is not engaged in rendering of services of models. And also does not take the responsibility for contents of advertizing platforms, for the publication and reliability of the published information. Advertizing belongs to publishers and responsibility remains behind them.
  • The administration does not conduct dialogues with guests, does not discuss the existing rules, functions of the website and its information filling. Rules of the project can be replaced or corrected on more urgent. In that case in the section of news of the website the message on innovations will appear.

To attention of authors of advertisements

  1. General rules
    1. Authors of the published announcements need to study basic rules of placement of information.
    2. The administration of the website reserves an opportunity to refuse the publication of information, without explanation.
    3. The cost of the services provided by the project can change at any time and comes into force for present clients since the next settlement period, and for beginners - immediately (also you will find information on the urgent prices in the section of news).
    4. Information with the present data and photos is allowed to the publication. In case of calculation by administrators of falsehood of information provided by the author, proceeding from, for example, set of negative responses and complaints, or other sources proving fraud of the author through the publication - the announcement is removed from the project and an opportunity to renew it is frozen to a situation explanation. Information is published for 24 hours after payment, disregarding output day (in that case it will appear on Monday).
  2. Form of submission of data for the publication
    1. In details thought over form of the application for registration of the questionnaire is a guarantee of a great number of active clients for the author. Remember that completeness of the provided information in the questionnaire the quantity of calls depends.
    2. Use only correct data in the form of the application, otherwise the application will be corrected or at all is ignored by project managers.
  3. Photos to the announcement
    1. The minimum permission of the published image - 375 pixels.
    2. Photos need to be squeezed by jpeg method. If you used other method of compression - the administration does not bear responsibility for a display correctness. The number of images in one announcement should not exceed 9. Minimum quantity: from 1 photo. But for activity of clients we recommend to use not less than 3-4.
    3. The size of one image should not occupy over 5 megabytes (5Mb).
    4. Are forbidden to the publication of the photo:
      1. Minors;
      2. Containing plagiarism;
      3. The pornographic images showing genitals (photo editors will close similar our logo);
      4. Photos with inscriptions and foreign logos are not allowed;
      5. Distorted by excessive updates in graphic programs;
      6. Photo of the persons which are not belonging to the questionnaire and the provided information;
      7. the containing blurring, black squares and other - if you want to hide something from the client - appeal to project managers.
  4. Fields in the form of application for placement of information
    1. The field "Additional Information" - is moderated by managers of the website. The excessive quantity of dots, punctuation marks and gaps, and also the text continuous capital letters, will be changed to more correct version of the text. Grammatical mistakes are also edited by managers, according to rules of language in which the text is provided.
  5. Responses and comments to the placed announcement
    1. All comments arriving on the website from clients of the project and visitors before are published on the questionnaire undergo careful moderation by workers of the project. The responses comprising personal questionnaires of other participants are forbidden to the publication.
    2. Comments to own announcements are not admissible and will not undergo moderation. In case of attempts to repeatedly bypass rules - all questionnaires of the participant will be removed from the publication, and the violator will be included in the black list of our website. At receipt of a significant amount of negative responses and complaints to the active questionnaire, and also identification by a different way of falsehood of information - publications of the author are removed from the website and are frozen to the solution of a situation. If fictitiousness is confirmed - advertisements of the author are removed.


Yours faithfully, Administration of the website.